Biyernes, Setyembre 9, 2011


Where do your children pick up all of their bad habits? From other kids at school? From television? The answer is in front of the face of everyone...yet they continue the insanity ..doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. Well not me and those closest to me...we choose not to follow the herd.  People work all of their lives to "raise their children well"  yet rarely see them...and then wonder why their children rarely speak to these same parents once they leave the nest. You reap what you was it worth it?  And that goes for all of the people who hire a maid or a "yaya" to watch their kids.. and then they get upset when the child says ignorant things and displays other negative behavior....well what the hell do you expect when you trust your child to a drone? Don't blame the webcam girls drone when your child becomes a drone themselves... Children are the mirror of the world. Their minds are far more intelligent than most can even begin to imagine . And yet we destroy their minds by age 7. Then people blame God or the world for all of the problems in their families. What they need to do is start looking in the mirror and see who is the true enemy...the enemy within.


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